Did you hear KPOJ this morning at 8? Oh well. You can re-listen here, once they've posted the feed in an hour or so. Lots in the news section this week.

Thanks For Nothing Slammed: Saltzman's Mental Health Plan for Cops.


Chasse Avenue Since we seem to be in the business of feel-good solutions that don't do jack.

Poetry Vs.Money Amidst $27million in budget cuts, why is Trimet sacrificing ad revenue for poetry?

Road Rage Redux First Chasse cop, now police union boss.

In The Shadows A therapist for the deaf discusses isolation and recent priest abuses.

Extra, Extra! Boy scout molestation trials! Condo auctions!

Not to mention this week's feature, "The Man In The Shadows." Meet Mark Wiener: The most politically powerful man in Portland (whom you've probably never heard of).


Read the goddamn news.