This week’s Last Supper focuses, in part, on one particularly aromatic pizza from Lovely’s Fifty Fifty. It was a bit of a revelation for me.

Until that dinner at Lovely’s Fifty Fifty, I’d never found a really good justification for eating pizza with the hands, aside from that being the way it was done in my family. Also, I suppose the hand method is a bit more convenient, if messier. It’s also far more expedient and therefore my preferred method.

Which is not to say I’ve never eaten a pizza with a knife and fork. I have in certain upscale joints. I also understand in Italy, unless your standing at a bar eating an actual slice, pizza is eaten with cutlery.

But until I ate the melted leek and pancetta pie at Lovely’s, I had absolutely no clue that hefting the whole slice to your face could add such an awesome olfactory dynamic to the enjoyment of the thing. Who knew?

Maybe you did. That’s why I’m polling you.

What's the correct way to eat a pizza?