Amazing. There are actually people in politics in Oregon who can say the words "I am resigning."
It is with deep regret that I am announcing that I am resigning as president of the Portland Police Association, effective June 19, 2010. I will be taking an intermittent leave of absence between today and my resignation date and will be working with the current Portland Police Association secretary-treasurer, Dave Dobler, who will be acting as the interim president until an election can be held for a permanent replacement.

I am making this decision for the benefit of the Portland Police Association, its members and the community. My recent off-duty behavior has added another negative spotlight to the honorable work being performed every day by the men and women of the Portland Police Bureau and law enforcement in the metro area.

This type of distraction has created a rift among the members who support me and others who are embarrassed by my behavior, and the Portland Police Association needs the type of unity we shared in November of 2009. By stepping down, hopefully the spotlight will be refocused on the positive work being done by the police and the community.

Good for you, Scott. And I'm sorry about the road rage stuff. Hopefully some time away from the spotlight will give you time to recharge.

Update, 2:55: I got the statement from WWire. You've probably not been there in a while, but since Westerman doesn't seem to have issued it more broadly, I had no choice. Westerman is also yet to return a call for comment.