The Grindhouse Film Festival's Revenge of the Old School Kung Fu Masters series comes to an end this Wednesday, but they're going out with a bang. Festival organizer Dan Halsted offers some details:

Wednesday, April 21st, at 7:30 at the Hollywood Theatre, something special is going down. The only known 35mm print of one of the greatest kung fu films of all time: Mystery of Chess Boxing. This print was pulled out of an abandoned movie theater in Taiwan, and then sat in a warehouse in the UK for a decade until I found it last month. Until now, this movie has only survived on poor quality video. This 35mm print is in incredible condition. I'm the only one who's watched it so far, and I was blown away by how amazing it looks.

Mystery of Chess Boxing (1979)—The original Ghostface Killer is on the loose! A vicious villain with an unstoppable five element technique, Ghostface is killing off all his old rivals. Meanwhile, a young student tries to learn kung fu and is taken under the wing of an old chess master. The basics of chess prove to be the same as the basics of fighting, and eventually the heroes will have to fight Ghostface Killer, who verbally insults his opponents as he annihilates them. A true classic, and obvious favorite of the Wu Tang Clan, directed by Joseph Kuo (Seven Grandmasters).

Wu Tang Forever. All information is on the website:

Shit yes. Wednesday night can't come soon enough. Want two free tickets? Then email me no later than tomorrow (April 20) at 2 pm PST, and make sure your subject line is "Wu Tang forever." I'll pick a winner at 2 and email 'em back to let them know how to pick up their tickets. Go!