Here's a confession: I no longer smoke the weed. I don't have anything against it of course, but me and getting stoned just gradually stopped seeing eye to eye.

The problem is paranoia. Major paranoia. It's just not fun anymore. If I smoke even the weensiest puff of marijuana, chances are I'll be spending the duration of my high looking at my reflection in the mirror and berating myself for being such a failure. That is, after I've crawled out from beneath the kitchen table where I've been obsessing about my breathing and heartbeat. Oh well.

But that doesn't mean many of you Blogtownies aren't hitting the pipe on a regular basis. Am I right? In fact, I'm assuming you're struggling to read this very post through ganja haze and bleary red eyes.

Well I've got two words to help you focus: Grilled Cheese.

Oh, yes! I'm talking about the melty, buttery, slightly crunchy delight, which becomes a luscious cheesy wonderland beneath the influence of the dope. And how much better is such a stoney comestible when consumed in a magical painted school bus on Alberta? Am I blowing your mind?

Today, the Grilled Cheese Grill [11th and Alberta] celebrates a full year of serving grilled cheese sammies to the hungry masses from their adorable Airstream trailer. To mark the occasion, every sandwich on the menu will cost only $4.20 all day (except those that are already priced lower). Also expect plenty of goody giveaways like shirts, Frisbees, and gift certificates.

Go, take this chance to meet the Cheesus, and drift away into a blissful stoner reverie.