Ouch. After stealing the first game of their Western Conference playoff series against the heavily favored Phoenix Suns, the Portland Trail Blazers tried to nab another victory on Tuesday night in the US Airways Center.

Bad idea.

The Suns controlled the entire night, from the opening tip, to the final basket, all the way to the moment where Rudy Fernandez sobbed alone in the shower (just kidding, everyone knows Rudy doesn't shower). The final 119-90 score wasn't a proper indication of how badly the Blazers were beat, and to make matters (much, much, much) worse, Nicolas Batum injured his right shoulder. You mean the same right shoulder where he tore a labrum and had to have surgery which required him to miss 45 games of this season? Yeah, that one.

Today Batum gets an MRI, Rudy gets a new box of tissues to cry into, and the rest of the Blazers head back to Portland for game three on Thursday. It can't get any worse, right?