Today is Earth Day! Watch this slideshow of places doomed by climate change, check out some Portland Earth Day events or... uh... go watch Avatar.

Dam It! In honor of Earth Day, Brazil OKs building the world's third-largest dam, which will flood rainforest land.

Hil Loves the Bomb: Fresh from Obama urging Russia to reduce its nuclear stockpile, Hillary goes all telling NATO to keep their stockpiles strong.

Muslim Group Warns South Park: Keep up those depictions of Mohammed in a bear suit and South Park could face threats, warns NYC Muslim group.

Mexican Drug Wars: Still terrifying.

Russia Bans Scientology Writings: Don't laugh.

Goldman Sachs Says Its Sanctions "Hurt America": Okay, now you can laugh.

Oregon National Guard Returns from Iraq: Thank God. Welcome home.

Dixie Mattress is Closing! After four decades, the confederacy is falling. I hope they put in another Stumptown there.