A few shows to see at Bridgetown tonight and why:

Asssscat - 7:30PM @ Hawthorne Theater
There's no better troop to get acquainted with the picture-panting hilarity of group improv than Assscat, a veteran all-star team from the Upright Citizens Bridage.

Conan Writers Panel - 8:00PM @ Bagdad Theater
A booking coup, the Conan Writers Panel offers a chance to see something you can't get anywhere else, perhaps even some tidbits Conan himself is legally prohibited from sharing. The only question here is: will you be able to score a seat?

Maria Bamford, Brendon Walsh, Brent Weinbach, Ron Funches - 8:00PM @ Mt Tabor
Just top flight, can't-miss national talents, plus one of Oregon's best, Ron Funches.

Birdemic - 12:00AM @ Bagdad Theater
Midnight screening of what's being called the next Room. Tommy Wiseau, get back to work!

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