Congress v. Campaign Spending: Democrats want to chip away at the Supreme Court ruling which said corporations can donate like regular people.

Secret Space Plane: The Air Force launched some giant, secret thing into orbit last night.

Oh Shiite! The killing of two Al Qaeda chiefs touched off a string of deadly bombings in Iraq.

Miners Worked in Fear: The explosive tragedy in the West Virginia mine was a long time coming.

Hot Brits! The British election is in a dead heat, so the top candidates are starting to lob accusations at each other.

South Park: Censored? After dust-up over Mohammed images, South Park creators say, "What the #@*!!"

Back from the Brink: Five species that cheated extinction.

Everything is Terrible: Woman who dropped her kids of the Sellwood bridge is given life in prison.

Boy Scout Sex Abuse Trial Continues: The jury is still out on the local $25 million case against the scouts.

Sarah Palin in Eugene Tonight! Gotta give those protesters something to do.