Despite a couple of (possibly beer-fueled) attempts, I was never able to make it through an entire episode of Legend of the Seeker—which is saying a fair amount, considering my apparently insatiable appetite for crappy TV*. But I gave it a good shot, because hey, I like swords and wizards and magic and crap, and also because this super pretty girl was in it, along with the dude who played that gyrocopter guy in Mad Max!

Pictured above: <em>Super</em> pretty girl (Bridget Regan), gyrocopter dude (whose character is apparently named, I shit you not, Zeddicus Zul Zorander)
  • Pictured above: Super pretty girl (Bridget Regan), gyrocopter dude (whose character is apparently named, I shit you not, "Zeddicus Zu'l Zorander")

You'd think with those two fine actors—and also swords and magic and crap—this show would be magnificent, right? Alas, all I can remember from the episodes I tried to get through was that the girl was super pretty, as I might have mentioned before, and that wizards don't ride nearly as many gyrocopters as one would expect. Also, there was one episode with some magic apricots or something in it? I don't really know.

ANYWAY, Legend of the Seeker's fans' reactions to the news that the show has been canceled are pretty amazing, and have managed to hold my attention far longer than anything having to do with magic apricots. A sampling:

This is so unjust. It was never marketed correctly and had an abyssmal time slot. There is no justice in the world. —marionravenwood

Like my life wasn’t bad already.. I can’t believe this… I seriously can’t! Somebody get me a galon of ice cream, stat!!! *runs off and cries* —AnaB


Not much good syndicated sci-fi/fantasy anymore. The days of Herc/Xena, Mutant X, Earth: Final Conflict … they are over. —Dinosaur


ha-ha, that’s for Star Trek Enterprise you BSG tea baggers. i was getting tired of the show anyways and the use of maori pakehas. —walter17

ha-ha-ha BSG tea baggers. —walter17

Okay, so I don't really understand what repeat poster "walter17" is getting at, and I suspect "Betty" and "Alice" might be the same fun-loving person, but still, I could read these all day. Luckily, the comments go on for like 16 pages.

In conclusion, rest in peace, Legend of the Seeker. Rest in peace.

*I own Stargate on DVD. A lot of Stargate on DVD.