In the wake of a TriMet bus crash this weekend which left two pedestrians dead, TriMet's outgoing General Manager Fred Hansen has asked the National Safety Council to send out an expert to review TriMet's training and policies.

A statement from Hansen this morning referred to both the pain the victims' families were feeling and the pain of the "TriMet family." "It is a tragedy beyond comprehension. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family and friends of the five victims, particularly those whose lives were lost," reads Hansen's statement. "I know that this tragedy also affects our employees. We feel compassion for our operator who is carrying the burden of two fatalities and one serious injury. My sympathy is extended to all the TriMet family who are dealing with this accident."

But who cares what Hansen has to say? He's on his way out the door! This morning TriMet announced his replacement: Neil McFarlane. This appointment is no surprise, McFarlane was Hansen's most obvious choice as successor, since he's worked as TriMet's executive director of capital projects since 1998, overseeing development and construction of four light rail lines. Hansen's photo is on the left below, McFarlane's is on the right. Out with the old, in with the maybe not quite as old!