Via of the Miami New Times:


Alert readers will recall that yesterday Rekers, the now-disgraced co-founder of the Family Research Council, claimed he hired Geo—seen on the right—to accompany him to Europe for ten days because Rekers recently underwent surgery and he needed someone to "lift his luggage." It would appear from the photo, however, that Rekers is tending to his own luggage. Now maybe Geo loaded Rekers cart for him and Rekers pushed it through the airport. Alert readers will also recall that Rekers admitted to finding Geo on but denied knowing that Geo was a male escort until halfway through the trip. But Rekers also said he took a male prostitute to Europe with him on purpose because that's what Jesus and John the Baptist would do and his real motive in bringing Geo along—and paying him handsomely—wasn't to enjoy Geo's eight-inch cock or smooth white ass, but to get Geo alone on the world's most densely populated continent to lecture him about the advisability of leaving homosexual intercourse behind. In other developments...

Where did Rekers get the money to go to Europe and bring along a pricey male escort? By serving as a paid "expert witness" for the state of Florida and testifying against gay people being allowed to adopt children. Florida paid Rekers $87,000 for his "expertise." Florida is in court trying to prevent a male couple from formally adopting two boys the state placed in their care almost a decade ago. Rekers—who adopted a 16-year-old boy himself four years ago—believes that gay people shouldn't be allowed to adopt boys. Only rent them.

BTW: Here's the rent boy in question.


He's cute!