Faisal Shahzad, a suspect in the Times Square attempted bombing case, hopped on an airplane to Dubai as pretty as you please, skating right past security. Obviously, SOMETHING WENT WRONG.

But! At least they caught him right? Shahzad has also reportedly confessed to his role in the attempted bombing and says he received explosives training in Pakistan. (Which is embarrassing for Pakistan and its half-ass explosive classes.)

The GOP has found 32 black people to run as Republicans. To put that in perspective, there are roughly 37 million black people in America.

Country and Western stars rally to rebuild Nashville. It would be gauche of me to ask where they were during Katrina, right?

Rocker/reality show star Bret Michaels has been released from the hospital and the prognosis is good that he will make a full recovery.

BP has capped one of the three oil leaks... so that's good, right? Umm.... not really.

BP plans on using a "giant box" to siphon up all that spilt oil in the Gulf. Now, I have absolutely no idea how this is supposed to work, so forgive me if I say this sounds like a fucking stupid idea.

However, it's a better idea than the one this stupid person came up with.

A black man is on trial for stabbing a white supremacist to death—after the supramicist allegedly made homosexual advances toward him. Hmmm… ethically, this is a sticky one.

Now here's what's going on in your neck of the woods: Showery with possible hail again today, with drying milder weather tomorrow through the weekend. OR SO THEY SAY.

And finally HAPPY CINCO DE MAYO! Now here's the "illegal" trailer for Robert Rodriguez' upcoming grindhouse film Machete with an extra special message for the racists in Arizona. (THIS LOOKS SO AWESOME!!)