OKAY! So now there are only TWO episodes left, so we can drop the apathetic bullshit and actually start to care how the series finale of LOST will play out. (We've been feigning interest up until this point, correct? Correct.) Last night's episode "The Candidate" was mostly action packed with the kind of senseless death one would expect from a show with nothing left to lose. So let's talk about it, okay? As usual, I'll drop some spoilery discussion starters after the jump, but chime in with whatever nonsense that may pop into your head. In three... two... one... LET'S TALK LOST!

Woo-hoo! A plane! Wait... what STINKS?
  • "Woo-hoo! A plane! Wait... what STINKS?"

1) SO! Did you boo-hoo or say "meh" when Sun and Jin croaked in the sub?
2) Did you kind of think Jin should've left Sun, so he could escape and be... you know... a father to his baby?
3) Here's what I think is gonna happen! Claire's gonna croak too, but Kate will live so she can take care of Claire AND Sun's babies! Let's hope her milk drops.
4) I fucking hate Widmore's goons (especially "Tubby with a gun"). Every fucking one of them. And the more Smocke kills, the better I like it. Do you agree? (And I didn't notice, but did ugly Tina Fey get killed as well?)
5) Okay, no more screwing around: How do you think the series is gonna end?