Beth Slovic gets the scoop. The vindictiveness is because Saltzman sided with Police Chief Rosie Sizer on Monday, when she stood up to the mayor on the budget, it seems. We're still waiting for a call back from Saltzman, which I'd say is unlikely to come, frankly. Until it does, I'll selectively quote Slovic's story here, before linking you over there to read the whole thing. Credit where it's due, etcetera.

“I’ve experienced vindictiveness by the mayor,” Saltzman said of his years on City Council. “I would characterize this as one of those circumstances.”

“The mayor was not sufficiently committed to the safety of Portlanders by keeping the bureau at full strength,” said Saltzman. ”He didn’t expect us to speak up about it.”

He said the mayor’s statement that the decision to can him and Sizer now was driven by the need to complete the budget process was “disingenuous” and “ridiculous.” He also suggested the mayor’s decision was the result of Sizer’s Monday press conference, which Saltzman supported, regarding the mayor’s proposed cuts to the Police Bureau budget. “The beginning of the legislative process [around the budget] was the end of my tenure as police chief,” Saltzman said.

Those are some of the strongest words to come out of Saltzman's mouth since I've been on this beat. Dude is clearly pissed. And the consensus amongst Blogtown readers does seem to be that his demotion from police commissioner is going to affect his chances in next Tuesday's election contest. I'd love to be a fly on the wall in city hall right now.

Update, 8:14: Saltzman also told Janie Har at the Oregonian that he thinks "nobody buys" Adams' talk about saving money in the sewer budget to pay for bike lanes and the like. Odd, because Saltzman has been defending his vote to divert that money on the campaign trail, but still...