If this morning's fan made films proved anything it's that Bobby "Fatboy" Roberts hates joy. I imagine he spends his days surreptitiously plotting while reading the newspaper on a bench in Laurelhurst park, pausing occasionally to stand, stretch luxuriantly, then dash over to push a small child off the nearest swing set.

Unlike this morning's videos though, the below clip has been scientifically designed to appeal directly to anyone who, at various times of their childhood, was exposed to the NES, SNK's MVS arcade cabinets, the King of Fighters videogame series and a wide number of very popular, mildly esoteric videogames.

If Mr. Roberts has a single geeky bone in his body — which recent X-rays assure me is the case — this footage should elicit, at the very least, a mild storm of happy synapses in one of the lobes of his brain. I don't know which one because I'm a terrible doctor.

For the rest of you not explicitly named in this post and thus left wondering if this video is right for you too, here's a short list of those groups who science claims should enjoy this clip. Fans of this video include people who like Bubble Bobble, Super Mario Bros., Hudson Soft, Takahashi Meijin, Yie Ar Kung-Fu, tonfas, Dragonball Z, SNK (but not Playmore), the Sega scream (but not necessarily Sega), Mike Rowe, the 1984 Denver Nuggets, kaiju, Irem, Erik Henriksen's middle name, The Scorpions, Joust, Flicky, orangutans, fruit bats, breakfast cereals, Ghouls N' Ghosts, Ghosts N' Ghouls, Goblins N' Ghosts, Ghosts R' Us, Goblins 2 Legit 2 Quit, Ghoulies III, and of course, David Mamet.