Brian Posehn took to the stage at the Mission Theater on Friday night, the day after it was officially announced that The Sarah Silverman Program, from which he is primarily known, is kaput. I've been sick of Silverman's jerk-shtick for a while, but Posehn, with Steve Agee, as her big stoned bear neighbors, were arguably always the best part of the show. And now Posehn, out touring with his CD Fart and Wiener Jokes, is adrift on the sea of recognizability. Which did not inhibit him from opening with a joke about how talking to him at the merch table after the show will not get Sarah Silverman to have sex with you. The Mission was sold out, with a typically long wait at the tiny bar, and there were a disproportionate number of bearded young men in the crowd reflecting Posehn's main talking points: metal, pot, masturbation, and videogames.


He made no mention of Sarah Silverman travails onstage—it could have hardly been a surprise—instead urging people in the audience to offer to smoke him out in the parking lot after the show. The night was an enjoyable one, albeit peppered with intentionally disturbing images, but he didn't blow the roof off the place. Fat, stoned, SLAYER, farting, etc, broken up by incongruous references to a tiny hot blonde wife "who looks like a cheerleader who has NEVER farted." His act, built on a bedrock of jokes about videogames, living with your parents, and masturbation, is beginning to segue into an LA life of tiny blond wives and babies and, I guess, pot, still. Assuming that Posehn won't be able to make the same income off of comedy CDs I'll be looking forward to seeing his next move onscreen. With so many unfunny comedians hogging up talk shows and homophobic mainstream movies, there's got to be a place for him. Or maybe he should just move here. He seems to like it. Before Friday's show he tweeted: "Landed in Portland. Stressfree, playing a city I love. Just got in a cab and immediately farted. Even my body is relieved."