The family of 25-year-old Keaton Dupree Otis, the Portlander who allegedly fired on police and was shot by several officers last week, has released a statement detailing how Otis struggled with a "mood disorder."

The open letter describes Otis as an entrepreneurial achiever before touching on some details of his illness:

He loved his family and daily told his parents that he loved them! As a small child he had many friends from diverse cultures. He attended Benson High School majoring in Architectural Graphic Design. He was a Junior Achiever and a Prospective Gent, an organization for African American males emphasizing
educational excellence and community service.

He took a walk-on spot in a Harrison Ford movie that was filmed here in Portland. He designed t-shirts and clothing. He was an artist, and had an entrepreneurial spirit expressed in his business, “Kommerce.” But it is his progressive illness is what has us here today.

We want to bring light to the limited options and restrictive laws preventing families from intervening earlier. In the future we want to expand the law’s definition of harm to self or others for a civil commitment to include additional significant symptoms.

Read the family's whole statement here.