I asked Metro President candidate Bob Stacey how he was feeling, and a lady carrying a glass of wine walked up to him and blurted that she could "take a Hughes-Stacey runoff."

"I can do this, look at that!" She gestured to the Multnomah County results on one of the two projectors in the room. "37 percent? I can take that."

Stacey shook her off and calmly explained the numbers to me, noting that it's much too early to call.

The campaign is feeling good about Clackamas County results (Stacey is currently tied with Hughes at 36%), and they're buzzing about the radio/media campaign.

"A lot of folks, Hughes included, told me it was going to be a Hughes-Stacey runoff. And I frankly didn't see that. But now it's looking like that may be the case."

As Ms. Mirk is reporting, Stacey is at the very least outpacing Burkholder in the counties that have returned so far, though he noted: "I'm wishing right now that I'd had more house parties in Washington County."

Stacey's put his tie on now, and lots more folks are arriving (some of them entered in a conga line to "Jungle Boogie"). Holocene's a lot less awkward feeling with all the older folks. And gosh, there are a lot of hipsters.