Bob Stacey is the Mercury's endorsed candidate for Metro President. His party is at Holocene, again, and I'm watching the candidate with the strong CRC stance party it up at the club with a group of... old folks and hipsters.

Things are hot at Stacey central. There's a hipster bartender wearing a Bob Stacey sticker and a fancy moustache, Bob's campaign manager is giving me shit for my election contribution post for not posting that "Rex got $100,000 from his wife." People are excited and unsure about what's going to happen.

Just arrived: Steve Novick, Metro Counselor Robert Liberty, and current Metro Council President David Bragdon (who has not endorsed, but as Stacey's wife is excited to tell me, "he's here!").

I met Stacey, who smiled and such, but he seems nervous. And, as happens to me any time I go anywhere, he asked me where Sarah Mirk is.

They just put the Clackamas county election results on the big screen (before that we were watching Inside Edition). The results are coming in slowly but they are MIXED. No one of the three candidates is getting a majority. Stacey got a plurality in Multnomah County, Hughes a plurality in Washington, that is, so far.

Holocene is conveniently located about a block away from a Multnomah County Ballot Drop-Off site, which I think is very clever, even if not intentional. I met some ballot collectors over there who said they were having a "great day."


Update: All of the counties are splitting with no one over 40%. Good grief.