You. Old lady with the bright blue eye-shadow, who almost sideswiped me on my bike this morning...

I believe you were wrong, in the assertion you made, in our brief (yet heated) debate when I caught up with you at the stop light of NE 20th and Broadway. You claimed that I should have stayed "over to the right" and that I need to "yield to oncoming traffic" instead of pulling into the middle of the road when trying to avoid a parked car which had two other old women getting out of it, whom I believe (ironically enough) were going to a fucking funeral.

For you, my fellow Portlander, I would like to quote this passage from the official Oregon Bicyclist Manual :

Riding on the right doesn’t mean hugging the curb or edge of the road. This may not be the best place to ride. For example, if you hit the curb, you could lose your balance and fall into traffic. Other times when you shouldn’t ride too far to the right include:

• When avoiding parked cars or surface hazards.
• When a lane is too narrow for a bicycle and vehicle to travel safely side by side.
• When making a left turn.
• To avoid conflicts with right-turning cars.
• On a one-way street, you may ride on the left as long as you are riding with traffic.

Booyashaka lady. Booyashaka.

But seriously folks, I'm not trying to be a dick here. I'm just saying we could all stand to be a little nicer on the road. And we could all (drivers and cyclists alike) stand to take a look at the Oregon Bicyclist Manual as well as the Oregon Driver Manual and know a little more about these two different forms of transportation and how they are meant to interact.