Obama backs South Korea who vows to sever nearly all trade with North Korea, making Kim Jong Il even more "wooone-wy!"

A BP exec defends the company's efforts to stop the continuing Gulf oil gusher in the most unconvincing way possible.

After missing her last court date due to a "stolen passport," Lindsay Lohan faces a very pissed off judge this morning.

Fergie (not the Black Eyed Pea) gets caught on video selling out the royal family!

Arizona governor/hag Janice Brewer now has the cajones to ask Obama for unmanned drones to patrol the Mexican border.

The husband of late actress Brittany Murphy is found dead on Sunday in his home.

In Tigard, a man wakes up to find "a mysterious timed device near a liquid accelerant." Umm… that's a bomb, yo!!

Here's what's happening in your neck of the woods: A high of 60 today with isolated showers that will last through the week.

And finally, here's a shot I took of this weekend's Daily Mail who really knows how to screw celebrities over!