We Lose (and Win)!

Our nefarious plan worked! All of the taunting caused Asheville, NC, beer-lovers to hit the Interwebs in full force and win the coveted (I suppose) title of “Beer City, USA”. So, congratulations to them… And good luck with the eventual hordes of drunken sots in those six breweries of yours. We’ll continue to drink in peaceful smugness here in PDX, safe in the knowledge that we indeed live in Beervana, no matter what the hell you say.

Foster Burger: Changin’ it Up

I hit the gourmet burger shack last Friday for the first time since my review, and noticed a few changes. For starters, the burgers are hitting the tables disassembled, with Foster Sauce on the side, so you can put it together in whatever way most pleases you. Also, tomatoes have appeared, even though they aren’t really in season yet. There was a big hullabaloo about providing tomatoes out of season, and I’m not sure if their appearance now is a sign of capitulation to pressure, or an indication Chef Mondok feels the spring tomatoes they’re sourcing are up to snuff. Finally, the framed Yelp reviews have been replaced by reviews from city publications, including the Mercury, which is flattering.

Hangtown Fry

…Is what I had for dinner last night. If you’ve never had one, you’re missing out. Essentially an omlette of fried oysters and bacon, this gold rush era dish that originated in what is now Placerville, CA, is quite brilliant. Watch Mark Bittman make a fancy version here, or check out the traditional recipe from a long-closed Placerville café, right here. You will not be disappointed.

Fake It ‘Till You Make It

"Food is like children: It doesn't like to behave in front of company."