Posted this Monday on the Little Red Bike Cafe blog:

This is a public service announcement to remind y'all that pending some sort of last minute miracle, we're down to the final month in this chapter of the LRBC saga. Given the impending closure, we will likely be forced to close the kitchen about a week before we shut the door to 4823 N. Lombard Street for the last time. Otherwise we're sure to find ourselves knee deep in caramelized onions, pasilla aioli, and the like come clean up time. So be sure to stop by when you can. We'll be there.

Same bike time. Same bike channel.

The LRBC has been looking for a new home for some time now. It doesn't look like they'll find one before they have to vacate their space at 4823 N Lombard. Hopefully, they'll keep their amazing blog running to keep their devoted clientele informed.

They will be sorely missed by breakfast sammy fans and coffee lovers alike. Go wish them well and have a goodbye breakfast. We'll keep and eye on them and see where they land.