As you have undoubtedly heard, our 10th birthday party is coming up on Saturday (you should totally come, guys!) and we're getting all introspective here at the Merc. It has also come to our attention that long, long ago, written in the days before LOL cats and Ye Olde Blogtown, there exists a wide spectrum of Mercury stories that are incredibly hard to find in our dusty HTML archives. Case in point: the trials and tribulations of Jerry Masterson, everyone's favorite little eight-year-old.

It all started with:


When we last saw Jerry Masterson in the spring of 2004, he'd suffered substantial blood loss from a fourth grade tetherball battle royale. Read about his storied history here. PLUS! It's looking like Jerry might make a return in this week's paper....

Brought to you by the Mercury archives, where funny still lives.