I had a hard time giving two shits about Captain America until Mark Millar wrote him in The Ultimates, at which point he became less of a jingoistic tool and more of a badass. (If I remember right, he was kind of like Andy Rooney, but he could beat the hell out of people when he wasn't complaining about how kids today use bad language.) I'm guessing that'll be the version of the character we'll see Chris Evans play in the upcoming Captain America movie—which Ain't It Cool just scored some legit costume designs for. Or that's what they're claiming, anyway, in their subtly titled post, "UPDATE W/ CONFIRMATION!! Behold CAPTAIN AMERICA!!"

Well, at least hes cooler than Captain Britain.

More pictures here. When it comes to nerd movies, I'm way more curious about what Kenneth Branagh's gonna do with his Thor flick—but I will admit that it's about time we had a superhero who needs giant goddamn suspenders to hold up his giant goddamn utility belt.