Look what the internet birthed today: a blog devoted solely to pictures of animals with their tongues sticking out. Titled, aptly, "Animals with Their Tongues Sticking Out OMG."


Hit the jump for a Q&A with the site's founder, Kiala Kazebee.

(Happy now, Mike Russell?)

Mercury: Kiala, what inspired this blog?

KIALA KAZEBEE: My cat Whiskey served as the inspiration for this blog. He was born a wee bit retarded and so his tongue sticks out all the time. I have very special feelings for him in light of this behavior. Also one night I was drinking with friends (YOU) and one of those friends (YOU) mentioned how much they like cats whose tongues stick out when they're sleeping. And then a friend (STILL YOU) mentioned on Twitter I should attempt to turn it into a meme. The rest is internet history.

What is it about animals with their tongues out that is so much cuter than regular animals?

There is something so deliciously STUPID about animals, especially wild ones, who seem completely unaware of how ridiculous they look with their tongue sticking out like that. Seriously, if a Bear were about to maul and eat me but for one second looked around with his eyes glazed over and his tongue out I would LAAAUUUUGH. And then die. Probably.

What is your personal favorite animal with its tongue out?

My personal favorite animal with its tongue out so far is probably this one of a koala because he looks exactly like Ben Linus from LOST.
A very close second would be this lizard because his tongue looks like a stick of gum.

What has been the reaction to your site?

About five minutes after I tweeted about the site, Felicia Day retweeted it and now my inbox is filled with pictures of stranger's pets with their tongues sticking out. I am not complaining.

How did the internet not think of this sooner?

I have no idea why the internet didn't think of this sooner. It actually kind of frightens me that it didn't. It's like seeing SKYNET fuck up. END TIMES OMG.