Tonight is the Mercury 10th birthday bash. It's free!

Israel did not raise its blockade when an Irish Gaza-bound aid vessel got down there. They boarded the ship and turned it around.

BP has begun siphoning a very small amount of oil through a containment thingie, but the leak continues. They also handed control of the leak over to an American-run division, so we don't hate all British people because of this. And here is a map showing how big the oil spill is, in relation to Oregon.

at least it avoids Portland entirely...
  • at least it avoids Portland entirely...

The IRS has ruled that California must treat gay couples the same as straight ones under one feature of the state's tax law. Take that, Prop 8!

South Korea says it won't go to war with North Korea, even though they're jerks.

14-year-old Anamika Veeramani won the National Spelling Bee last night, making her the 4th consecutive Indian-American champion and the first winner from Ohio in almost 50 years.

British people are the worst-dressed tourists in Europe.

There may be a reason to let a cop into your restaurant (nudge nudge): an off-duty officer saved a man's life in a sports bar in Hillsboro.

And finally, this is what happens if your cat has a bad experience with the "Duck Hunt" dog: