Aaron M. Jamison is a Eugene-based comedian diagnosed with terminal colon cancer. He doesn't have much time left. Remarkably, Jamison has has kept a sense of humor—along with a heartbreakingly candid blog chronicling his travails, including the lead-up to a doctors visit where he intends to refuse further treatment.

In equally moribd—but somewhat hillarious—news, Jamison recently offered to sell advertising space on his urn to offset funeral costs for his family. The story was picked up by Gawker and Jamison actually sold the space. Oddly enough, PeTA was first in line. Their offer:

PETA will pay $200 for the space on Jamison's urn. The ads will read "I've Kicked the Bucket-Have You? Boycott KFC" and "People Who Buy Purebred Dogs Really Burn Me Up. Always Adopt."

This Friday in Eugene (well, Springfield), a number of comedians, including a few from Portland, are coming together to help Jamison and his family. Aside from helping with costs there's got to be truth in the evening's title, "The Best Medicine." Portlanders Richard Bain, Don Frost, and Susan Rice, along with former local guy/Bridetown co-founder/national star Matt Braunger are scheduled to perform.

As mentioned above, the show is in Springfield at The Wildish Theater. If you're in the area, consider going—the lineup contains a cream of Oregon's comedy crop. And dammit, it's a good cause. Tickets available here.