Judging by the sneering tone of this blog post, Gawker blogger Adrien Chen does not find the following evidence compelling in the case of missing Portland second-grader, Kyron Horman, but I'm not so sure.

Site I've never heard of before, MomLogic, thinks Horman's parents' Facebook usage suspicious, saying:

Kyron's stepmom has gotten criticism for posting trivial messages on Facebook (such as, "Hitting the gym tomorrow") since her stepson has gone missing. She didn't change her profile pic to one of Kyron for six whole days — even though her husband and countless friends and concerned strangers all did.

The Gawker post goes on to quote KATU, which talked to a criminal profiler about this evidence, saying:

"What I know from being an investigator and dealing with parents in tragic situations like this - homicides, kidnappings, stuff like that - they just really couldn't much function other than to sit and wait for us to call," he said.

I'm not interested in a lot of speculation about a case that feels sadder as each day passes, but I do want to know what you guys think of this kind of Facebook "evidence". Is Chen being unfair by dismissing Facebook activity as evidence or are MomLogic and KATU just grasping at straws? Is there something inherently silly about drawing conclusions like this from a social networking site?