Since when is Portland like an episode of The Wire? People have been overdosing on heroin at an increasing and alarming rate in PDX recently, and today the police announced that they have seized 10 pounds of heroin from an East Portland house and seven cars:

Search warrants were served at 12238 SE Bush Street in Portland, 12045 SE Bush Street in Portland, and at an apartment complex located at 20433 SE Stark Street in Gresham, Oregon. Search warrants were served on each residence and on a total of seven vehicles associated with the heroin sales operation. Investigators located approximately three pounds of heroin in the residences, and an additional seven pounds of heroin in two of the seven vehicles.

The heroin is estimated to be worth between $1-1.5 million and would supply approximately 72,500 separate individual sales on the street. Investigators believe the heroin was driven here from Phoenix, Arizona to be sold in the Portland area.

At 3:30 p.m., members from the Drugs and Vice Division, the seized heroin, the cash and two of the vehicles that had the hidden heroin will be available for the media at the Rivergate Storage Facility