Photoshop is as close as LeBron will get to wearing this jersey.
  • Photoshop is as close as LeBron will get to wearing this jersey.

The only thing worse than seeing either the Lakers or Celtics win the NBA championship—looking good, Los Angeles—is the endless drama stirred up by one LeBron James. The NBA's most talented player is a free agent, so instead of just stating his intentions, he is parading about the country until the July 1 start of free agency, holding the Cleveland Cavaliers' dreams hostage, while toying with various other franchises as well.

Clearly the Blazers have real problems and lack the salary cap room it takes to sign the most expensive athlete on the planet, but don't let logic or reason stand in the way—LET'S HOLD A RALLY TO GET LEBRON TO PORTLAND!!!!

Now armed with a permit, this myopic group of well-meaning, but absolutely pathetic, Blazers fans will now embarrass Portland just like similar desperate acts—this, this, this, this, and especially this—have shamed other cities.

The pandering columns—he should know better and he really should know better—that have made the case for LeBron coming to the Blazers make little sense (I get it, Nike is close to the Rose Garden, but if the man wants a shoes he'll get them overnighted. He is LeBron James, he is not moving somewhere for a pair of goddamn sneakers.) and distract from more pressing issues with this team. If these Blazer fans want to use their permit to hold a rally to save Kevin Pritchard's job—or to draft Solomon Alabi—that is fine, but please don't make Portland look this desperate.