First off, let's check in on how the LeBron James to the Trail Blazers rally went: Wow, just look at this group of winners. My favorite quote from the article regarding their sad turnout, "It's a little bit lower than expected," Chitsazan said. "We scheduled it long enough in advance that we didn't realize it was Father's Day." Damn, they were this close to bringing LeBron to Portland, but fathers everywhere got in the way.

Now on to some unsubstantiated gossip, which ironically is more trustworthy than the rumors of LeBron suiting up for the Blazers. Yesterday Yahoo Sports dropped this fascinating rumor regarding Chris Paul:

Also, the Portland Trail Blazers — who’ve long targeted Paul — are expected make a bid for Paul prior to the draft, a source said.

But before we could Photoshop a Blazers jersey on his picture, John Reid, the team's beat writer for the Times-Picayune, twittered this:

I am amazed how this stuff get started: From reliable sources, the Hornets are not looking to trade Chris Paul.

Dang, what if we held a rally for Paul on July 9th. Nooo, that's National Sugar Cookie Day, attendance at the rally will be hurt by those delicious desserts. Another rumor floating around is that the Blazers are targeting Mo Williams of the Cavs. Plus don't forget the story of how Minnesota offered their number four pick in tomorrow's draft for Nicolas Batum. Poor Timberwolves, even their trade rumors are lame.

Speaking of the NBA draft, I'll be at the Blazers' facilities—they had me at "dinner will be provided"—live blogging the proceedings tomorrow Thursday starting at 4pm. Following yesterday's trade, the Blazers now have the 22nd and 34th picks in the draft, and more importantly, trade-happy GM Kevin Pritchard has nothing to lose, so expect the team to move every single player. Twice.