If you have reservations at Beast or Le Pigeon this weekend, prepare to enjoy the screeching of some very angry goose lovers. This just in from the Portland Animal Defense League:

On Saturday, June 26th at 6:30pm the Portland Animal Defense League will be staging a unique protest event against two Portland restaurants that sell the fatty goose liver dish foie gras. Peter Young, Jeffery Luers, Andrew Stepanian, and Darius Fullmer who have been charged, convicted, and incarcerated as “domestic terrorists” will be joining the Animal Defense League in addressing the restaurants & press about the extreme cruelty involved in the production of foie gras. Beast Restaurant and Le Pigeon are the last of Portland’s restaurants to continue to sell foie gras. The fatted goose liver pate is only made by the force-feeding of factory-farmed geese, a violent and abusive process that the Animal Defense League calls “extreme and depraved.”

Couple things: Beast and Le Pigeon are NOT, in fact, the last Portland restaurants serving foie gras. And, not all foie geese are "factory farmed." And you're embracing the whole terrorist thing? Hmmm... Whatever floats your boat, kids. {Edit - After reading the press release through (oops), the connection is that they believe torching SUV's is NOT terrorism, while killing geese is. Hey, I've got press release fatigue. It happens.]

Anyway. You've been warned, Blogtownies, and the ADL has gotten out their overly long and shrill press release. So I guess it's win/win.

UPDATE 5:20 pm: Just saw this on Beast's website. Talk about some timing:

This may be a one and only...Tell your friends! Many of you over the last nearly 3 years have said...I wish my veggie friends could come to Beast. So, here you go! Naomi was a vegetarian for 7 years and understands your craving for the fresh seasonal produce. And... Naomi LOVES Rosè Wine and wants to share the love! Come to an ALL VEGGIE, ALL ROSÈ dinner to celebrate the bounty of summer produce. One Seating. 7pm. 6 courses of food and wine $100 including Wine. Reservations BY PHONE ONLY. 503.841.6968.

Damn. [via @lauraherbert]