Kagan on the Hot Seat! Refuses to disclose anything, says she loves America, pretty boring, all in all.

Go Ahead, Sue the Pope. Got a bone to pick with that big hat-wearing Catholic? The Supreme Court opened to door to suing the Pope.

"The Illegals": The US arrests 10 alleged Russian spies whose spy-ring went by that unfortunate name.

World Cup Whoopsie! FIFA apologizes to Mexico and England for blown calls that cost them the match.

Google vs. China, Round XVII: To appease the Chinese government, Google will automatically direct mainland Chinese users to a censored site.

Wait, My TOMS Shoes Aren't Saving the World? Just one man's opinion on hipster philanthropy.

Beaverton Cop Solicited Sex on Duty: Wowzer. Now he's in a 12-step sex addiction program?

Oregon Salmon Aren't Sustainable?! Our fish just got demoted.

Kyron Horman Story: Getting Sadder and Weirder. Now the dad of the missing boy is trying to divorce the step mom, proving that reality is far stranger than reality television.

LCD Soundsystem Makes Music Video of Portland Tallbikers: Starring Emily, the excellent lady who serves the entire Mercury staff coffee at Black Sheep Bakery. Via BikePortland.