Ask most comedians and they'll say the same: Louis C.K. is the best stand up comedian working today.

And while it's a slow week in Portland comedy, TV might have an answer: "Louie" premiers tonight on FX. It isn't C.K.'s first sit-com. In 2006 "Lucky Louie" ran for 12 episodes on HBO. I thought it was great, as most of the plot-lines came directly from material in C.K.'s act, but many found it hard to get past the no-frills, filmed before a live-audinece, three-camera style. From the few teaser clips I've seen, "Louie," looks modern, and better yet, it contains "Seinfeld"-esque stand up wrap-arounds. For more, read this recent NY Times profile.

"Louie" premiers tonight on FX at 11PM.

A bit of CK's stand up. Language most assuredly NSFW:


Not sure why folks decide to send out press releases on the day of their event, but there is a bit of comedy happening tonight (aside from the usual open mic at Suki's). It's called Total Shit Show. It features Paul Schlesinger, David Cohn, (Mercury intern) Andrew Michaan, Sean Jordan, and "special guests." It's 8:30 @ the Beauty Bar and PBR's are only $1.