Tropical Storm Alex continues to disrupt the effort to clean up oil in the Gulf.

A captured Russian spy refuses to reveal his identity...

...but Hillary says the whole spying ordeal won't hurt US relations with Moscow.

The former head of Interpol (the international police organization; your may remember them from that blue anti-piracy warning at the beginning of your old VHS tapes!) is found guilty of accepting bribes.

The United States lost 125,000 jobs in June—partly because all those Census workers are finishing up. But the private sector created 83,000 jobs.

New York City gives up on a plan to tax soda. Oh well, they can always rely on this great ad campaign:

A unique program in Oregon makes it easier to recycle half-used cans of paint.

Kyron Horman's parents urge his stepmother to cooperate with the investigation, after she's served with a restraining order and divorce papers from Kyron's father. Meanwhile, WW's James Pitkin loiters around outside Kyron's house.