An e-mail graced our news inbox last night advertising Illegal Alien Report, "the first public anonymous publishing service for reporting on illegal alien activity in the United States." It appears to be a sort of Wikipedia for information on illegal immigrants that you may find cavorting around your neighborhood. It's great if you feel compelled to report the presence of undocumented people but are too wimpy to call up the authorities and whine to them like a normal xenophobe.

So far, the site's database looks pretty anemic—though it's not limited to illegal immigrants. There's a leader of Basque separatist group ETA, "Indian underworld boss Abu Salem," and the "secret nanny" of the Nevada first family.

There's also a video section that includes clips from the Colbert Report, South Park and Red Dawn.

In more consequential immigration news, the DJC reports that Homeland Security's Immigration and Customs Enforcement (or "ICE") is renting a facility in South Waterfront. The federal government signed a 13-year lease for office space in the neighborhood where nobody lives, triggering a 74,000-square foot expansion project that will result in something like this:


ICE currently works out of the historic federal building at NW Broadway and Glisan. That was the site of a protest against ICE's "Secure Communities" fingerprinting program last month.