It's time for our True Blood discussion group everybody! Follow me behind the jump!


"Thissss is for Louie, fanger!" *Smack!*

Oh man you guys. I'm fucking pumped because I'm pretty sure this was the best episode of the season so far and one of the best in True Blood's whole run. Wanna disagree with me? I'll smash your argument like it was Franklin's head and I was a morning star.

First off we get tensions boiling over in Russell's house. It's Sookie vs. Loretta! It's Sookie vs. Eric! It's Eric vs. Russell (secretly)! It's Tara vs. Bill and Franklin (secretly!) It's everyone wanting to fuck and kill everyone and it's fucking awesome.

That questions game between Russell and Sookie was a really crack piece of TV. Taught in all the right places. What is Sookie? Not even Russell knows. Alien? Second coming of Jesus? First coming of Alien Jesus? The only thing that's clear is that she can hear in peoples' heads and she can do the Pink Floyd laser light show with her hand when she gets provoked.

And yes, we only got a little bit of Franklin before his face met Tara's mace. May I say that I thought his silk pj's were charming? I thought Tara was going to drain him or something from the way she looked when she was chowing down on his neck. Maybe all that V gave her the strength to bop him and that smack Mulleted Werewolf Guard with a bowl full of almonds.

Meanwhile Eric is seducing Russell and his husband in every way he can in an attempt to get revenge. It's pretty clear that this gets top priority in Eric's mind given how he brushed Sookie off. I'm loving his dance with Russell just as much as I'm loving hers.

I'm liking Loretta, too. She doesn't get a lot of love from fans but I think her character is fascinating; so poised yet desperate. She's a sad villain and I'm pretty sure she's gonna get hers next week now that Sookie has nagged Bill back to life. 'Course Bill will still have some 'splainin to do about banging Loretta while cranking her head like a wind-up toy but he can bring that up when he doesn't look like a Saw VIII victim.

Oh yeah, and Russell proposed to Sophie-Anne. She has both released Eric and "accepted" Russell's proposal after Eric threatens to Let the Right One In on Sophie's head. That must be a tempting thing for vampires with pools, I guess.

Meanwhile, Lafayette and Jesus go from adorable to too fucking cute. Their whole courtship has been wonderfully sweet. Do you guys trust Jesus? What's wrong with him? Is it something to do with those Gods he was offering stuff to? That kind of thing seems to never be a good omen in Bon Temps.

Then there's Crystal. She's got a fiance. Huh. That's frustrating enough to cause police brutality. What do you think she's hiding? That she's a secret dog-fighting pitbull?

Noooooo, that stupid reveal was left for Sam's story. I mean, I guess I was more interested in it this week than any other week but dog-fighting shape-shifters seems so yawn with everything else going on. Whatever, I don't begrudge Sam eight minutes of screen-time in an episode, do you?

Stray notes and quotes
Is it wise for Lafayette to wear his nice, silk kimono shirts to work behind a griddle?
I love Sookie's Eric and Bill impressions. They don't seem to appreciate them.
How many of y'all in the service industry have dreamt of pulling something similar to Jessica's glamor/bite trick? I'm pretty sure I imagined that during every shift I've worked in customer service.
How 'bout Franklin's delivery on "You wicked little strumpet"?
So Russell killed Eric's dad because he wants to destroy humanity starting with the rulers. Hmmm ok.
"Where do you think you are, lady? Red Lobster?"
"Here's the difference between you and me........... Something about you is wrong!"
OMG doods, Loretta bit Sookie!