Really, Oregon weather isn't so bad. This morning thousands of people are still without power in Washington DC after a violent summer storm blew through on Sunday.

It's the 20 year anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Despite the leak of the 92,000 very controversial documents that cast doubt on the success of the American war effort in Afghanistan, so far Congress's only response is to blast WikiLeaks, the website that published the material. But really, I mean, were you actually expecting an apology?

BP has a newly appointed chief executive, Robert Dudley, who promises to "fulfill comittments in the Gulf."

Paris Hilton frantically denies striking a Nazi pose that was caught on camera: "I was stretching and scratching my nose!"

Hooray for multitasking! Firefox has come up with a new system for tabbed browsing, for those of us who like to have as many windows open at a time as we can. You can try it out and see how you like it!

Erin Andrews, who herself dealt with being the target of a stalker, is pushing to make federal anti-stalking laws tougher. In the meantime, keep carrying your Mace.

Here's a good way for a city to save money, stop paying your city council members outrageous salaries! Residents of this tiny California town are still fuming after public officials pledged to slash their salaries.

A Portland landfill is pretty excited about turning trash into fuel.