At least according to io9, in a round up of SDCC's winners and losers. Apparently Scott Pilgrim dominated the con, the buzz on the screening of Edgar Wright's film adaptation has been great, and Oni signed a first look deal with CBS, io9 reports. (The big loser: The entire comic book industry, Oni presumably excepted.)

And now this (from Robot 6, via Jamie S Rich):

Scott Pilgrim's Finest Hour, the sixth and final volume of Bryan Lee O'Malley's award-winning series, sold out of its initial 100,000-copy printing at the distributor level within a few days of its release last week. Oni Press plans a quick 50,000-copy second printing, with the possibility of additional copies if they're needed. Edgar Wright's film adaptation of the series, Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World, opens on Aug. 13.

That's incredible. To put that in perspective, much has been made of the huge print run on Dark Horse's just-released Troublemaker, which is the first foray into comics of the bestselling author Janet Evanovich (who, incidentally, recently jumped prose publishers—rumor has it St. Martin's Press wouldn't pay her the $50 million she wanted for her next four novels). Troublemaker brings the adventures of Evanovich's presumably scrappy lady NASCAR mechanic Alex Barnaby to comics, and Dark Horse has to be banking that Evanovich's enormous fan base will make the transition with her—the Wall Street Journal reports that run as 80,000. To put it into even more perspective, Oni's got a staff of like 2.5 8 fulltime employees and one part-timer, and works out of a little office in inner Southeast. Good job, guys.