Porn star Sasha Grey made an appearance on HBO's Entourage last Sunday (admittedly I'm currently three episodes behind, but won't be after tonight) as Vince's new girlfriend, and at some point during the proceedings showed her bush. Now apparently, the expectations of young American men have been set impossibly high because of Sasha's work in porn, because they were none too happy with the hairy results. From Salon:

Judging from the resulting hysteria on Twitter, it was the Pube-pocalypse. Behold, a few of the standout tweets:

Yea she had a sicko BUSH

Sasha Grey had an ENORMOUS fucking 70s bush. WTF

That shit was so uncalled for

Sasha Grey really should shave her bush

Entourage was wild. So was Sasha Grey's bush. #EW

did anyone else think that was disgusting. ITS 2010!

Yeah, it's 2010, and we don't have flying cars yet, either. So shut the eff up, dumb-bus.

Meanwhile another site said that her nethers looked like Sasha "had Andie McDowell in a scissor hold." HA!! Okay, that's a good one. Thankfully, Sasha herself hopped on the tweet-wagon to defend her hirsute ham wallet (MARJORIE SKINNER'S JOKE—NOT MINE!!!). From Sasha Grey's Twitter:

A lot of bush comments after tonight's #Entourage episode. If you're curious...that's what a grown woman looks like. Besides, I shave where it counts ↓ I'm happy to contribute to making it ok again:) All "fashions" have their cycles!

"I shave where it counts." I don't know what that means. Her tongue? Anyway, IS THIS REALLY A THING? Do most guys really prefer shaven over au naturel? Please put my fears to rest with the following poll. STRAIGHT GUYS ONLY, PLEASE!


And as always, your comments (guys AND gals) on this tangled subject are appreciated.