From various press releases pulled from my electronic mailbox and other places in this series of tubes:

Beginning its life as the brunch spot you never knew Portland needed but, in your heart, always wanted to go to, Tasty and Sons will soon start serving dinner. That’s awesome news for several reasons: I get to go back and review the evening service (awesome), and it might siphon off some of the madness of the Toro Bravo line (more awesome). Worst-case scenario is that they’ll both develop long lines and everyone will be sad.

The new restaurant Fin [1852 SE Hawthorne] has opened in the old Sel Gris space. It’s a seafood centric joint with a website that claims to focus on sustainable and regional cuisine—though maybe not both at the same time. As an example, they look to be offering langoustine on the “Plunge” (entrees, I guess) section of their menu (for $18). While not fished regionally, langoustine from Scotland is certified by the Marine Stewardship Council as a sustainable seafood product. I wonder if shipping it from the Scottish Isles cancels out the whole sustainability thing. I don't know, but people who really care about this sort of thing might hitch up an eyebrow. This’ll be the second fish joint I’m aware of in Portland with a focus on sustainable fisheries. Bamboo Sushi has been doing it for a while and has been doing fine. I’ll be keeping my ole fish-eye on Fin.

Pinot American Brasserie has busted out and there is a fine set of pictures [from Twitter pal @allisonejones] of the space over on The place is serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and looks appropriately fancy-pants with entrees like Pacific Coastal Shellfish Stew ($19.75) and Center Cut Ribeye Delmonico Steak with Red Chili Bearnaise ($32.50). There are lesser, more affordable, options but I’m wondering if joints like Fin and Pinot are indicative of price creep happening in Portland dining.

Eater also reports the opening of June. Previous Sel Gris owner Daniel Mondok is sous chef and Mercury friend Kelly Swenson (previously of Ten 01) is behind the bar. Greg Perrault, who I failed to review when he was chef at DOC, helms the operation. You wont escape me this time, Perrault. Bwhahhahahahhaha!

Opening soon:

Camden’s Little Big Burger
A new Northeast Portland Pok Pok take-out-post in the old Podnah’s space

Finally, I’m happy to receive tips or insider information if you’ve got it. Send me an e-mail and dish.

12:30 PM UPDATE!

Holy Keeey-rap! Calm down peoples! Here's more info about the Pok Pok/Podnah's switcheroo (to happen at NE Prescott & 15th), excerpted from the recent press release from Andy Ricker:

I am happy to announce that we have just signed a lease for the space that Podnah's Pit now occupies on NE Prescott and 15th. Once our buddy Rodney and his crew get their new space on NE Killingsworth built and they move out of the Prescott space, Pok Pok Noi will take the place of Podnah's.

Rodney thinks he will be moving sometime in November, and we hope to open before the new year. Having said that, construction schedules are notoriously unpredictable and neither we nor the landlord are going to try and push Podnah's out before they are ready to go (there must be brisket continuity!), so there is no official open date for Pok Pok Noi.

I'll do better next time, just stop shouting at me!!!!