What's up fellow members of the GFF? Have you guys got your official Jersey Shore Halloween costumes yet? You did? Why?


No no, you look good. Forget I said anything. Bust out your red joints, guys! It's gonna be a fun guys' night out!

This episode belonged to Vinny. Always the least douchey of the housemates, Vincenzo totally won my heart this episode with his adorable attempts at impressing his boss at the gelato shop, Enzo. Then he hooked up with Snooki somehow made it seem winning. Or did he? I mean, they had that romantic exchange together ("Wanna fuck?" "Sure.") but they both looked stone cold and seemed to wake up with their clothes on.

It was not quite as romantic as Ronnie climbing into bed with Sam after bragging to Sitch and Pauly D about groping on that Cuban girl at the club. "Can we smoosh?" he asks her, pleadingly. Gag. I've already wrote enough about how Ronnie is a total dickface and Sammi deserves everything that's coming to her by being a dickface enabler. What I think is interesting is how their actions - which aren't that different from the first season - have taken a really dark tone. Ronnie is no stranger to getting blackout drunk and acting like a prick, but it's beginning to look scary unhealthy and not fun unhealthy. Plus the emotionally abusive undercurrents to all the weird little games they play with each other are not funny at all. Bad scene.

More and more the little voice in my head that was silent through the first season is chiming in: "Won't somebody think of the children?" We are putting fools on a pedestal, it tells me. And though I know we are laughing at these crazy kids, what about all the middle schoolers watching MTV? What do they make of the fact that our culture rewards people who act like this with fame and fortune?

Shut up voice, I can't hear Angelina! She's finally admitting to the girls that she talked shit about them. A lot of shit. That's all they wanted, Angelina. Just admit that you suck and you can all suck together. I'm glad that drama got tied up neatly. The Angelina drama was feeling as old as the Ronnie/Sammi drama.

What else is there to say about this episode? Just another day in the MIA with the MVP supporting the GFF and giving counsel to members of the IFF before they GTL. I love this show!

Stray notes and quotes
Snooki thinks Situation looks like a "dirty old man" with his shirt off. It's not that simple, but she's not completely wrong.
"One of the hyenas had him hympnotized!"
"That's a true pig right there. No offense to Ronnie."
If I had a Jersey Shore drinking game, everyone would have to take a drink during the inevitable emo song that swells during whatever fight Ronnie and Sam are having and they couldn't put the bottle down until it was over.
How about MVP running out on Angelina when she turned her back? That was some straight up grade school trickery.
"It goes back to when you thought the Tooth Fairy was alive."