Friends, I’ve given up. I have decided to relinquish the incredulity I’ve traditionally felt towards gimmick foods and meme meats. There is just too much out there for which to feel disdain and a man cannot live with such constant seething disgust. After all, it’s all in good fun, right? Ha ha!

Plus, sometimes, greasy kitsch can happen for a great cause. So fire up your intravenous Lipitor drips ‘cause it’s time for Baconfest II: Fatback’s REVENGE! Okay, that’s not their title. They’re just calling it Baconfest 2010. But I like Fatback’s REVENGE! better.

Who are they? Why, they are our good pals PDX.FM, and they are setting up shop at East Burn this Saturday, August 21st, from noon until 8 pm, to revel in all things bacon… Including actual bacon! To get into the fete you need only bring $5 and two cans of food for the Oregon Food Bank. What do you get for that paltry entry fee? Behold:

This year there will be over two dozen Northwest vendors, two food carts, 4 local bands, and a DJ along with a bacon-eating contest, a bacon dance-off, prizes, beer, vodka, raffles, professional skateboarders and more - all to celebrate the meaty magical goodness that is bacon.

Last year’s inaugural Baconfest pulled down 900 pounds of food for the Food Bank, more than double the amount of bacon on hand. That’s something worth rooting for! Get it? Because pigs root around in the dirt? Nevermind… Just go, okay?