I think I may start a diet that consists of only eating foods with a nationally recognized day. You'd never go hungry. Just about every day of the year is a National food day for some comestible. Yesterday was National Spongecake Day. Tomorrow is National Banana Split Day. Today, along with National Peach Pie Day, it's National Waffle Day commemorating the first American waffle-iron patent.

I love a waffle iron. In fact, it is my personal belief that if your kitchen lacks a waffle iron you are a culinary heathen. I know it's a very specific cooking gadget, but c'mon… Waffles, man!

In honor of this auspicious occasion, I give you the Mercury endorsed PDX Waffle Map. Enjoy:

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Where are you getting your waffles these days? Let me know, and I'll add them to the map.