LIFE DURING WARTIME Todd Solondz's mopey shtick continues. Zzzz.

MESRINE: KILLER INSTINCT The first film in an impressive two-film series.

THE LAST EXORCISM Wha-huh? It's actually good?

ANIMAL KINGDOM Another solid Australian thriller.

CALVIN MARSHALL Ezra calls it "the David Eckstein of baseball films." If you got that reference, I'd like to congratulate you on being a Triple-A-level baseball nerd. Like Ezra.

MAO'S LAST DANCER One more film reminding us that America is just better than everywhere else.

AVATAR: SPECIAL EDITION Same ol' Avatar, but now with eight-and-a-half minutes of new footage. If you simply must know more, I'd recommend reading Mike Russell's interview with James Cameron in the Oregonian, in which Cameron shows off that he knows way more than you about biomes, menisci, and top kills.

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