With a hearty tip o' the hat to Blogtown's own Oregometry, I decided everyone needed to learn more about Loren Parks, the money man behind many of Oregon's most conservative, anti-crime ballot initiatives for nearly 20 years.

Because not only is Parks a financier for Republican causes, he's also a sexual hypnotist. Watch and, um, learn? (Seriously, he says he gave a woman 56 orgasms!!! In a row. 56!!!!!!!)

Why now? Well, as the Oregonian reported this morning, the wealthy industrialist has decided to cut off Republican activist Kevin Mannix. Mannix, through his Oregon Anti-Crime Alliance, was counting on Parks' cash for a ballot measure this fall that would mete out stricter punishment for drunk drivers and sex offenders. (A report by Common Cause untangles the 16-year history between the two men.)

The timing of Parks' decision is interesting. As the O's story notes, another of Mannix's enterprises, the Oregon War Veterans Association, has attracted the attention of authorities who are checking into its money supply.

So is Parks looking for a new political squire to carry his money sword? "As you can imagine, a lot of other activists are like, 'All right! The wallet is open!'" Democratic political consultant Kari Chisholm told me. Or is he leaving Oregon politics, now that he lives in Nevada?

No one's telling, especially Parks, who famously won't talk to reporters. But let's hope he keeps talking to his YouTube viewers. To see more videos and excerpts of his advice to "clients," keep reading. Please note: He is not a doctor.

On the "wet noodle syndrome":

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"If a woman can't come with the man inside":

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