Later today I've got five packages coming via FedEx, bringing me 7 games that won't see store shelves until the end of the month, at the earliest. I can't talk about them in depth just yet, but I can offer up a handful of trailers that may or may not be related to that first sentence.

After you watch the above clip, hit the jump for a few more. Then, once you've seen 'em all, let me know if any of these got you hot. Consider that a democratic vote toward which games you want to see us cover in the near future.

There's no guarantee we'll listen to you, or even read this after it's gone live, but it could be worse. We could be COMMUNISTS!

Now we pause ... take a moment to breathe ... now exhale ... once again my little moppets ... aaannndd we dive back in!

See anything you like?

(Post Script: Because someone invariably asks whenever Microsoft's PR folk craft a trailer like this, the song in that last clip is "Young Men Dead" by The Black Angels.)