Now that you've all bought your HUMP! tickets (and you have, right?), howzabout a dash of (boner-)breaking news?

The Portland City Council tomorrow night will be discussing its Christmas list for the next legislative session, and there's now a draft of that report available to download right here.

And while it won't be nearly as compelling as amateur porn, it could potentially (unless you're a totally obsessed pervert; not that there's anything wrong with that) make just as big an impact on your life.

So what does Portland want from Salem? Let's start with bills the city is looking to sponsor: More tax breaks for affordable-housing builders; 20 mph speed limits in bicycle "greenway" streets; making 911 recordings more private; and encouraging the cleanup of environmentally challenged "brownfield" properties.

More broadly, Portland wants more help addressing mental health issues, specifically where they intersect with the criminal justice system. It also supports tax credits for green energy and film shoots (hello, Portlandia!). A beer tax, including money to fund addiction treatment, would be welcome. And so would some legislation mirroring or helping along Mayor Sam Adams' anti-illegal-gun proposals.

The huddle, if you feel like watching it live, starts at 6:30 tomorrow at the Portland Building.